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Why your rentals are always vacant

Why your rentals are always vacant

Are you struggling to keep your rental property consistently occupied? It can be frustrating to have a vacancy, but there are a variety of reasons why a rental may not be attracting and retaining tenants. Let’s explore some of the common reasons why rentals may be consistently vacant and what you can do to turn things around.

1.   Location.

If the property is located in an area that is not desirable or convenient, it could be more challenging to attract tenants. For example, if the property is located in a crime-ridden neighborhood or is far from amenities and public transportation, it may be less appealing to potential renters. To get tenants if you face such a problem, consider lowering the rent if the location is not as desirable as other rentals in the area.

2.   Price.

If the price of the rental is significantly higher than similar properties in the area, it could be difficult to attract tenants.

People have a budget in mind when looking for a place to live, and if the rental is significantly more expensive than comparable options, they may choose to rent elsewhere. So lower the price to be more competitive with other rentals in the area.

3. Condition of the property.

The condition of the rental can also be a factor in attracting tenants. If the property is not well maintained, is dirty, or has outdated appliances and fixtures, it may not be as appealing to potential renters.

To solve this problem, invest in repairs and upgrades to improve the condition of the rentals.

4.   Landlord reputation.

If the landlord has a reputation for being difficult to work with or for not addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner, it could discourage people from renting from them.

Tenants want to feel confident that their landlord will take care of any issues that arise during their tenancy, and if the landlord does not have a good reputation, it could be a red flag for potential renters. As a landlord, work on improving your communication and responsiveness to tenants’ needs.

5.   Poor marketing

If a rental property is not being marketed effectively, it could be not easy to attract tenants.

If a property is not being marketed well, potential renters may not be aware of its availability or may not have a clear understanding of what it has to offer, which could lead to it being consistently vacant.

Landlords and property managers invest in marketing efforts using a variety of marketing channels, such as online listing platforms, social media, and local advertising, to reach potential renters.

It’s also important to provide clear and accurate information about the property, including photographs, descriptions of the amenities and features, and the terms of the lease

6. Upfront fees.

If the rental property requires a significant amount of upfront fees, such as a high-security deposit or application fees, it could be a deterrent for potential tenants.

It’s important for landlords to be transparent about any upfront fees and to consider whether the fees they are requiring are reasonable and in line with industry standards.

7. Bad caretaker.

The caretaker is responsible for maintaining the property and addressing any issues that arise, and if they are not doing their job effectively, it could lead to the property becoming run-down and less desirable to renters.

A caretaker who is rude, unresponsive, or difficult to work with could also discourage people from wanting to rent the property.

It’s important for landlords to have a good relationship with their caretakers and to ensure that they are doing their job to the best of their ability in order to attract and retain tenants.


The above factors contribute to a rental property being consistently vacant. Landlords and property managers should carefully consider these factors in order to attract and retain tenants.

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